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When you hire me, you will receive a professional, fully supported valuation of your items. Valuations can vary, depending on the purpose of the appraisal. Typically, for example, a valuation done for insurance purposes will be higher than one done for charitable donation purposes. This is because an insurance valuation looks at what it would cost to go out and purchase a replacement of your items within a relatively short time frame, while a charitable donation valuation generally looks at what similar items have recently sold for, often in the auction marketplace. These differences are important and are further impacted by the need to take into account things like: condition, age, rarity, provenance, etc. It is important to take all of this into account when reaching a final determination of value.


Just Added! - Online Appraisals

If you are curious about the value of your items or considering the sale of items, a verbal appraisal may be the best option. With a verbal appraisal, I would verbally communicate to you everything that would normally be written in a report, including the type of values sought, the markets explored, the values obtained, etc.  Nothing written is provided to the client, but the client may take notes.  Typically best for a small number of items. Fees start at $59 per item. Can be conducted remotely, although good quality pictures are required. Additional information may also be requested. Member, Association of Online Appraisers.

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