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Why Choose an ISA Appraiser 
"Too often and too late, people find out that the appraisals they have are inaccurate or misleading, resulting not only in greater risk to themselves but also in an annual waste of millions of consumer dollars. A competent appraiser helps you manage financial risk."- International Society of Appraisers 

Everything except the house.

I am fully qualified to handle ALL of your appraisal needs.

Each appraisal report contains a written inventory with accurate descriptions and values. Numbered photographs are also included and correspond to the items listed.


Estate and Probate appraisals utilize Fair Market Value and are specifically prepared to provide accurate valuations for estate professionals, probate courts, beneficiaries and the IRS.

Fair Market Value appraisal reports are used for estate planning, reporting of tangible personal property to the court, equitable distribution and help determine Federal estate tax liability.

Divorce appraisals. Equitable distribution of property is the main goal when dissolution of marriage is pending. The parties need an unbiased, accurate and consistent appraisal on marital assets. Insurance appraisals. These are “Replacement Cost” valuations geared towards homeowners and collectors requiring insurance for valuable personal property and fine collections. An accurate and well-written appraisal report is essential to document personal property assets.

Damage Claim appraisals  are prepared for homeowners and insurance companies to settle a claim after a loss has taken place. Valuations to consider are replacement cost, salvage value and loss of value. A properly prepared damage claim appraisal is key to a fair settlement.

Non-Cash Charitable Donation appraisals.  The IRS requires appraisals be performed by a “qualified appraiser.” We follow the strict guidelines set forth by the IRS to ensure our clients receive their Fair Market Value deductions.

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