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Antique Volumes

Penrose Appraisals promises to complete your appraisal per the following code of ethics.

1. We shall be honest and trustworthy in all we do.

2. We shall not be a party to any fraudulent acts.

3. We shall not misrepresent market or any other type of information obtained during the appraisal process.

4. We shall always maintain confidentiality in all that we do.

5. We shall act objectively throughout every engagement, seeking only to express our determined opinion as to the value of the property being appraised.

6. We shall arrive at an independent numerical conclusion based on knowledge gained through research and experience without regard to undue influences.

7. We shall not charge a fee based on a percentage of the valuation found, nor shall we accept payment in the form of the object appraised.

In addition, Penrose Appraisals also maintains a Privacy Policy, accessible here, which governs how we will use any information you provide via this website.

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