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Online consignment works much the same way that consigning in a brick and mortar consignment shop works. You are the consignor and owner of the items. I, acting as the consignee, take possession of the items and put them up for sale, most commonly on EBay, one of the world's most well-known and most-visited websites. When appropriate, Facebook Marketplace can also be used.

I will take your items, photograph them, research the current marketplace to determine the best offering price, post them on EBay (or other mutually agreeable site), and then handle customer service, and packing and shipping the items when they sell.

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In addition to my services as an antique appraiser, I have been buying and selling on EBay for over 20 years. I have sold everything from art to toys to clothes, stamps, books, electronics, and even furniture. The online market changes constantly, so it's important to be plugged in to what buyers are looking for. I have hundreds of listings on EBay at any given time in a wide range of categories. I can help you sell just about anything.

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I will work one-on-one with you to help figure out what the right solutions are for your items. I can help you to make decisions about which ones to sell, what they might bring, how we can best position them online, and the rest of the details involved in consignment. I am happy to do some research on what your items might be worth even before you make a decision to list them with me. I strive to make this experience as customized to your needs and wants as possible.

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